National Cruise Vacation Month — Where Would You Love to Cruise?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know how much my family loves to cruise. So much so, my husband and I were even married on a cruise ship. Since I started cruising, a little over 13 years ago, I’ve been on nearly two dozen cruises. It never gets old, and there’s always a new and exciting place to cruise to. I currently have my eyes set on the Hawaiian Island, the Baltic, the Panama Canal and Asia (dreaming BIG here!), but I’m open to sail just about anywhere. Cruising is my favorite way to travel.

October is National Cruise Vacation month, and while I don’t have any cruises planned (yet!), I thought it would be fun to look back on some of my favorite cruise posts — perhaps it will even inspire your family to book a cruise :)

Carnival Miracle – Alaska

family cruise alaska

Carnival Freedom – Southern Caribbean

Holland America – Canada & New England

holland america canada new england

Carnival Sunshine – Europe

carnival cruise europe

Carnival Breeze – Europe

Disney Fantasy – The Bahamas

Carnival Liberty – Western Caribbean

The thing I love so much about cruising is that you can visit multiple destinations without hassle. Other than getting on and off the ship– you don’t have to do any work, and that’s what vacation should be about! If you’re planning a cruise, don’t forget to look for cheap flights to get you to and from the ship.

Has your family been on a cruise? Where would you like to cruise to?


    • admin says

      That’s a good one, Cat! I always forget about the cruises to Hawaii. There’s one round-trip from San Diego or L.A., that would eliminate the need to fly to Hawaii.

  1. says

    You and your kids are the luckiest people ever.

    I’ve never been on a cruise. My husband has one time but that was before we met.
    I love everything Disney (of course so do the kids) so any Disney cruise would be awesome and seems so fun! Since we live in Central Florida I know we wouldn’t need a flight which could cut costs but the whole trip just seems so expensive though

    • admin says

      I love Disney, too — but you’re right there a bit more expensive. You can find great deals from Port Canaveral though! That’s where we usually sail from. My husband and I once went on a cruise from there for $179 each!

  2. says

    My husband worked on a fishing boat in Alaska for a couple years, and he has told me MANY times that he had no desire to ever set foot on a boat again. That being said, we ARE planning a large family Disney vacation in the future, and it will include a short Disney cruise. I think he would love seeing how excited the kids will be.

  3. says

    Really October is a National Cruise Vacation Month ? That’s I think the reason why there are lots of packages online. October is nearly over. I hope I could still be able to get some bookings!

  4. says

    There are too many places to list. I want to travel, but I have a large family so it isn’t always easy to plan a big vacation. I do want to see Jamaica though! Oh and Hawaii…

  5. says

    My husband and I have cruised numerous times (on Carnival) and just loved our experiences. Although we haven’t taken the kids, I think we will once they get a bit older to fully appreciate the opportunity!


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