NIVEA Touching Moments #NIVEAMoments


My daughter always says, “everyone needs a good snuggle every once in awhile”, whenever she’s feeling especially affectionate. I would have to agree with that statement. There’s really nothing better than being close to the one’s you love most — it makes us feel complete, satisfying an often overlooked element, our emotional heart.

Snuggle time has been on the agenda more frequently in my home thanks to NIVEA lotion and the NIVEA Million Moments of Touch movement. I recently made a trip to Sam’s Club to purchase a Twin Pack of NIVEA Lotion {you can see my full trip here on Google+}. One of the reasons why I love Sam’s Club so much is because of the great values they offer. The NIVEA Twin Pack was no exception– the price of two GIANT bottles was about the same as one bottle in another store! For under $9, I have enough NIVEA lotion to last through the next two seasons — that equals a ton of extra snuggles!!


NIVEA recently conducted a study and the results show that Americans suffer from “skin hunger” – a desire for more touch and human connection than they currently receive. Whether it be from our spouse or children, getting closer can be made easier when we’re confident with the softness of our skin.

The study also revealed that touch is vital to brain functioning, and has even been associated with numerous health benefits, including:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Improving happiness, self-esteem, and mental health
  • Enhancing the immune system.
  • Decreasing blood sugar levels in diabetics and blood pressure in hypersensitive people


Since purchasing NIVEA, my daughter and I have made a nightly routine of putting the lotion on before bed, when I usually lay with her until she falls asleep. What started as just putting on lotion to make our skin feel soft, has turned into regular spa nights with face masks, foot rubs and pedicures. When you start to take care of your skin, you take notice of the other parts (hair, nails…) and want them to look and feel just as good. We began using NIVEA lotion to help our skin become softer, but the product has done so much more than that — it’s allowed my daughter and I to become closer, both physically and emotionally. It’s kind of amazing that a bottle of lotion can do that!


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    Already NIVEA fans, I have to agree with you – the benefits of NIVEA are amazing! Its one of the few body products that everyone in my family can agree on. As the mom to older children I can attest that every special snuggle is incredibly special and important. Thank you so much for sharing your story!