Summer Nights Makes a Splash at SeaWorld Orlando

seaworld summer nights

empire of the pengiun

Expedition Café seating area

Now through August 11th you can enjoy Summer Nights at SeaWorld! This extra splash of fun keeps the park open until 10 p.m. with added shows and is included with your regular admission ticket. I got to play at SeaWorld on the opening night of this seasonal addition and had an excellent time. It’s a beautiful, colorful and clean park and Summer Nights brings new excitement.

The evening started in Antarctica with a ride on the chilly new attraction Empire of the Penguin. We ate dinner at the ‘marketplace style’ Expedition Café. This quick and inexpensive restaurant has food to grab and go and hot food in American, Italian and Asian cuisines. The menu was so diverse it was hard to choose! The seating area has excellent theming and though you won’t see a penguin walk through it looks like one could.

Next we saw Sea Lions Tonite. This show is filled with funny and inside jokes as SeaWorld pokes fun at what you’ve experience at their park that day.

Sea Lions Tonite

Shamu Rocks was the perfect finale to our Summer Night. Music filled the air, fireworks filled the sky, orcas filled the water and water filled the Splash Zone. On the way out we visited Antarctica again to see how it looked at night. It lights up and, like all of SeaWorld, is fun to see in a different light.

Shamu Rocks

Special thanks to SeaWorld Orlando for inviting MommyMusings to experience Summer Nights.


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    I’ve never been to SeaWorld. We have one about 8 hrs south of us in San Diego. I’ve been nagging my husband to take a road trip down there.