thanksgiving oreo cookie balls

Thanksgiving Turkey OREO Cookie Balls Recipe

Author Stefanie Fauquet


  • Candy eyes 2 for each turkey
  • Candy corn 4-6 candies for each turkey, depending on if you like the 3 or 5 feather look + 1 for beak
  • Mini baking cups one for each OREO cookie ball


  1. Once OREO Cookie Balls are prepared & cooled according to the recipe above, place 1 OREO Cookie Ball into each of the mini baking cups. I like using these cups because they are easier to handle and serve.
  2. Place 3-5 pieces of candy corn into each OREO Cookie Ball to resemble turkey feathers. These candies should stick inside and stay without a problem.
  3. Using a little melted chocolate from OREO Cookie Ball recipe, "glue" on two candy eyes.
  4. To make each turkey's beak, cut a piece of candy corn in half. Use melted chocolate to keep it in place under. Chill until ready to serve